Is your computer not working for you?

Turtle Computer Works, etc… 


Offering Mobile Support Onsite and Remote Computer, Printer, Phone Setup. Onsite setup of Smart Homes, and Internet of Things. 

Feeling overwhelmed by your PC or Mac? What is Streaming TV? 

Most of your issues can be Resolve Remotely. No need for a technician in your house. Let My Geek take care of your computer and Mobile concerns.


Josh is CompTIA A+ certified, has over 17 years experience in computers & working with technology. He offers On-Site and Remote Computer Serves (off-site). Most computer problems can be resolved without an onsite visit.


Computer Support Windows/Mac Services:

System Checkup 

Home Theatre set-up: AppleTV, Roku Box, Stream Netflix, Internet Radio 

System/Data Recovery: including Computer, AppleTV, and DVR hard drives

Troubleshooting Software Installations & Updates

Hardware/Software Installation & Set-Up

Operating System Installs and Upgrades

Check System and Perform Maintenance

Virus/Spyware detection, Install FREE Virus/Spyware/Adware Software

Set up a home or office Networks (wired or wireless) + Wi-Fi Security

New Computer Set-up: this includes Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus programs, and Firewall setup

Set up Mobile and Smart Phones, Printers

Computer to Computer data transfers

Automated backup solutions on-site or off-site

Computer Rebuilt or Upgrade your computer